About: Martyn

37b7f1bA bit about me first of all. I’ve managed to rack up over 20 years of experience working in the financial services sector. In that time, I’ve experienced life on both sides of the fence – the business side and the regulatory side.

On the business side, I’ve worked in broker sales, consultancy, administration and technical roles in the fields of life, pensions and investments.

On the regulatory side, I’ve managed to acquire many years’ experience as a compliance officer.

So I know my way around the business, and I can adapt to any sector – which has made the decision where to specialise as a writer very easy.

When I’m not working, I spend my free time with my wife and two sons, enjoying all sorts of fun activities – and sometimes very little activity at all (except watching TV or films).

About: Writing

My early days of writing were quite varied. I found myself writing everything from entertainment blogs to pieces about car airbags and product descriptions for furniture catalogues!

Not very specialised at all, but a fantastic training ground.

I started specialising in financial services over three years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. There’s so much to write about in our industry because things are changing all the time – not just businesses but rules and regulations too. Also, the more dynamic the industry, the more important quality written content is becoming.

About: My Niche

You probably get now that I’m a financial services writer. Here are some more specifics for you about what I specialise in.

I write B2B content and sales copy for financial services businesses including the following:



Investment Firms

Private Equity

FinTech Businesses

Advisory and Consulting Firms

Training Providers; and

Financial Services Media.

I also write for content agencies on behalf of their clients.

If you’re a business or agency looking for a writer, click here and ask how I can help you.

Find out more about my services here.

About: Rates

All work items are priced around a core menu of rates, however, the final price quoted will depend on the specifics of the job.

To request further details of rates, or to discuss the pricing for a particular job, click here.

About: What Clients Think

If you’re still not sure about whether we can work together, take a look at these comments from clients:

“For us, Martyn has proved to be a master of his trade. He is blessed with a rare talent for distilling the often complex, ambiguous and heavy-going into the digestible and readily understandable. But it is his ability to translate and communicate ideas which, frankly, can sometimes be dry and tedious, in such an engaging and entertaining style that sets him apart from other writers in this sector.” 

Gareth Rowlands, Founding Director, Industry Events Online


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