If great content is what brings prospects to your website or your business, as well as helping turn those prospects into leads and gets them interested in what you offer, copywriting is the next step.

Take those leads and turn them into business through fantastic, persuasive words. Whether that’s buyers for your products or services, or the establishment of ongoing relationships.

In other words, the stuff you charge for and the stuff that pays your bills and makes your profit.

This is where copywriting comes in. It’s the words put in front of your prospects that will determine whether they buy what you have to offer or not.

Great copy results in great sales results. Poor or average copy leads to missed opportunities and wasted resources.

So it’s​ essential for your business that you have the right sales materials, clearly aimed at your target market, with, most important of all, well written sales message focused on getting those prospects to act.

This is where specialist writers really earn their stripes. 

And B2B specialist writers in particular really show what they can offer, because they understand what it takes to sell to other businesses.

The whole approach is different to selling directly to consumers. But the objective is still the same. Maximising the results from each piece of copy.

So where is copywriting used in practice? When you produce the following materials:

Website landing pages

Email marketing

Direct response mailing

Telephone and video scripts; and

Face to face presentations.

Talk to me about how I can help you to maximise your sales opportunities though your written materials.

Or, if you have a specific piece you need writing right now, let’s get started.

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